1. We apply a deposit liability system to our bags to recover them from our customers and can take care of recycling.
  2. We closely monitor return rates for our bags and have set ourselves a goal to beat the world record on plastic recycling which is currently held by Norway with 90% of recycled plastic.
  3. Our packaging is multiple serve and therefore achieves a considerable savings of plastic compared to single serve plastic packaging or even smaller multi-serve. For example, our 3 litre bag with spout, achieves a stunning 73% reduction in plastic usage compared to a single serve delivered through a standard 200 ml PET bottle. We therefore contribute to minimise the usage of several 200 ml plastic bottles for distribution.
  4. We use only high quality transparent LDPE bags. Transparent polyethylene is the most valuable polyethylene for recycling and highly sought by recycling companies.
  5. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our packaging and reduce any impact on the environment.