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Do you ship nationally / internationally?2020-02-04T08:37:59+00:00

Currently we serve the state of Kerala and the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mysore. We are expanding our distribution network both within India and overseas. Please contact us for national and international export enquiries Here we need to put our email address but avoid spamming robots.

Do you deliver to private individuals?2020-02-04T08:38:06+00:00

Currently we distribute Pinevibe only to business customers such as high-end resorts, hotels, health centres and corporate offices. For large households we may arrange special deliveries in case of recurrent orders. Please contact our Pinevibe ambassadors for more details at Here we need to put our email address but avoid spamming robots

I’d like to purchase Pinevibe, where can I find it?2020-02-04T08:38:21+00:00

Pinevibe is now available for direct delivery within the state of Kerala and in the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mysore.Please go to our website contact page and complete the order/contact form.

How do you minimise your carbon footprint?2020-02-04T08:38:27+00:00

We maintain a low carbon footprint by sourcing locally and use energy-efficient equipment of the latest generation. We also work only with farmers who adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

How do you minimise the environmental impact from packaging?2020-02-13T13:59:09+00:00
  1. We apply a deposit liability system to our bags to recover them from our customers and can take care of recycling.
  2. We closely monitor return rates for our bags and have set ourselves a goal to beat the world record on plastic recycling which is currently held by Norway with 90% of recycled plastic.
  3. Our packaging is multiple serve and therefore achieves a considerable savings of plastic compared to single serve plastic packaging or even smaller multi-serve. For example, our 3 litre bag with spout, achieves a stunning 73% reduction in plastic usage compared to a single serve delivered through a standard 200 ml PET bottle. We therefore contribute to minimise the usage of several 200 ml plastic bottles for distribution.
  4. We use only high quality transparent LDPE bags. Transparent polyethylene is the most valuable polyethylene for recycling and highly sought by recycling companies.
  5. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our packaging and reduce any impact on the environment.
Is Pinevibe raw?2020-02-03T09:44:38+00:00

Pinevibe is not thermally pasteurised; because it is not “cooked”, it can be considered raw. It is similar to the juice you can obtain by squeezing a fresh pineapple at your home. However, we filter the juice to avoid the risk of impurities in the final product. In addition, we immediately blast freeze the freshly squeezed to preserve the juice and retain its characteristics.

Is sugar added to Pinevibe?2020-02-04T08:54:43+00:00

No sugar is added to Pinevibe. Pinevibe is 100% pineapple juice, with no added sugar and no additives. The 27.6 g of sugar in each 200 ml serving are naturally occurring sugars in the fruit.

What are the benefits of Pinevibe?2020-02-04T08:40:38+00:00

Pinevibe, is a natural source of energy and contains vitamins and minerals that provide nutritional benefits. For example Pinevibe contains Vitamin-C, that is necessary for the growth, development and repair of body tissues. In addition Pinevibe contains other vitamins, electrolytes and Bromelain, an enzyme that is traditionally associated with reducing inflammation.

What is Pinevibe’s “Cold Process”?2020-02-04T08:41:06+00:00

It is a special production method that contributes to making our product unique. The process combines the benefits of cold-pressing and blast-freezing. As a result, the juice retains its delicate taste, aroma and nutrients. Our cold process includes two key stages: 1) peeled pineapples are gently squeezed in our state-of-the-art facility in a controlled environment; 2) the squeezed juice is filtered, packaged and blast frozen to -18 °C. No heat processing means that Pinevibe retains its freshness, the sumptuous taste and conserves most of the healthy nutrients found within the fruit.

Why Pinevibe has a higher value?2020-02-13T13:00:14+00:00

We source the best pineapples from the Mauritius variety, known for their excellent taste and aroma, grown by expert farmers who adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and provide adequate product traceability. In addition, our team of skilled and well trained personnel, use modern and technologically advanced equipment and the highest quality packaging available.

Where are the pineapples from?2020-02-04T08:42:00+00:00

Our pineapples are sourced from Kerala, India, from the region of Vazhakulam in the Ernakulam district. We also source pineapples from the neighbouring districts of Kottayam and Idukki. We use Pineapples only from certified farmers.

How long is my Pinevibe good to drink, if kept frozen?2020-02-04T08:42:27+00:00

In optimal frozen conditions (-18 °C or lower), Pinevibe retains its properties for at least 9 months from production date.

How long is my Pinevibe good to drink, once thawed?2020-02-04T08:42:49+00:00

Pinevibe, once thawed, if kept in refrigerated conditions (+4° C), is good to drink for at least 3 days. After opening, we suggest consuming the product within 2-3 days, as long as it has been refrigerated and no signs of spoilage exist. Signs of spoilage are a fermented odor, accompanied by rising air bubbles, thickened consistency, altered or sour taste. We do not suggest drinking Pinevibe if any of these symptoms are present. If kept at room temperature, the juice should be consumed within two hours.

Can I thaw and drink Pinevibe after the best by date?2020-02-04T08:43:12+00:00

Each bag has a best by date which tells you how long our products will be of best quality at the indicated temperature. We do not recommend consuming our products past the best by dates listed on the bags.

Can I drink Pinevibe if I am pregnant?2020-02-04T08:43:32+00:00

It is important to follow any dietary restrictions from your doctor in case you are pregnant.

How do the storage conditions affect the product?2020-02-04T08:49:25+00:00

Pinevibe is not subject to thermal processing (pasteurisation) and does not contain preservatives or other chemical substances to prevent micro-bacterial growth. As a result, if the juice is not maintained in the prescribed refrigerated conditions or is not consumed within the prescribed time, or both, it can develop microbiological contamination from the naturally present bacteria in the air and contact surfaces.

Once thawed, does Pinevibe needs to be kept refrigerated?2020-02-04T08:51:43+00:00

It must be kept refrigerated at +4 °C at all times because the product has not been subject to thermal pasteurisation and is therefore highly perishable. We do not suggest consuming the juice if it has not been kept in refrigerated conditions.

Where is your production facility?2020-02-04T08:44:43+00:00

Our production facility is located in 15/145 Caico Road, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

What kind of certification for food safety do you have?2020-02-04T08:45:05+00:00

Our facility is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. HACCP certification is the industry standard for food safety. It includes the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from procurement and handling of raw materials, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

Are the packaging bags recyclable?2020-02-13T13:28:14+00:00

The bags and spouts are made of different types of high quality plastic materials, most of which are fully recyclable.