Using only the best fruits grown and matured outdoors, Pinevibe delivers a positive vibrational energy collected from the sun and the rain, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Frozen 3 Litre Pack

Our frozen 3 litre bag is our main multi-serve package.

It is an ideal solution for boutique resorts, luxury hotels and high-end restaurant. It is also a welcome addition for premium corporate offices, SPAs and large households.

The juice is delivered frozen in 3 litre, high quality, food grade bags. Each is enclosed within a hard cardboard box to prevent punctures and tearings of the bag.

Once the juice is thawed, the box can also be used as a juice dispenser.



Pinevibe bags, are made of the highest quality LDPE and PET and are partly recyclable.

Each bag has a spout with a tamper proof seal for hygienic and convenient serving.

Servings can be dosed of the exact quantity needed.

Pinevibe can then be served in jugs, for multiple servings, or in glasses, for single serve contributing to significant reduction in plastic usage.